Identity Management with NFV: Finally, a Consolidated Identity

Since the inception of telephony, a single number has been attached to a single phone. Despite rapid advancements in mobile technology, Web RTC and a host of other communications services, this limitation has remained constant.

The one number / one phone paradigm has been like telephony’s version of the sound barrier—an impassible obstacle to advancing technology.

But much like the sound barrier, some enterprising pioneers have taken this challenge head on. And they’ve crashed through the barrier in a dramatic fashion.

The transformation of communications to all-IP technology has opened new doors and finally broken through the long-lived one-number, one-phone barrier. And T-Mobile has given us the clearest use case to date.

Watch T-Mobile’s video introducing DIGITS >

No longer is a single number tied to a single phone.

With T-Mobile’s new DIGITS offering, one number can exist on many devices (not just phones) and one device can hold many numbers. It’s much like the way you can log into your email anywhere and log into multiple email accounts on the same device.

Mobile users can truly enjoy the concept of a single identity across multiple devices.

Unlike OTT apps, T-Mobile’s DIGITS offering is fully integrated at the network level and delivers carrier-grade service quality with QoS data prioritization (for select devices at launch – a universe of devices which will grow quickly). Customers not on the first round of supported devices can take advantages of T-Mobile’s OTT app, which Mitel developed. Capabilities aren’t limited to voice, either. They also include video and messaging.

Behind the scenes, T-Mobile’s DIGITS takes advantage of Mitel’s NFV-based IMS core, and in particular, our Multi-ID offering to power this transformation.

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