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CRM & Business Management

Ensure every detail of your customer relationships are accounted for. Open V provides a tailor-made enterprise CRM Solution (Hosted or On-premises) that facilitates and promotes cooperation, boosts efficiency and increases customer satisfaction, no matter your budget.

Your business’s success is our priority.

  • Capitalise on More Opportunities
  • Ensure Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Increase Productivity
  • Be More Competitive
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What do we offer your business?


Your company. United.
Activity stream, group chat, calendars, workgroups and other collaboration tools at your disposal. Our CRM system also offers integration into your company’s existing PABX system.

Tasks & Projects

Get more done.
Workflows, time tracking, workload planning, external users and more.


Grow your sales.
Improve conversion rates, automate marketing and serve your customers better with our free CRM.

Contact Centre

Love your clients
Provide real time support via popular communication channels. Social networks, messengers, telephony, email or live chat.

On-premises or Hosted

We offer a solution to suite your business’s specific needs.

Whether on a budget and needing a hosted version or require a more versatile on-premises version to meet more intensive needs.

Training & Implementation

A complete implementation of our CRM & Business Management Solution into your company’s existing processes is provided. You will be reaping the benefits of our enterprise CRM Software with in-depth staff training in no time.

CRM System Services

Our Enterprise CRM Solutions.

Transform your business with customisable CRM tools that grow with you.

Legal teams need to ensure that no detail is forgotten.

Our system allows you to set up tasks for easier project breakdown and collaboration.

Manage client relationships better with in-task notes, reminders, improved communications, and scheduling

Collect, store, and manage client and vendor data, build long-term relationships, automate tasks, encourage productivity, and streamline your sales process, all from a single platform.

Create a seamless and personalised shopping experience leading to improved sales, increased brand loyalty and boosted sales conversions.

Win customers over by revealing hidden needs and building deeper connections.

Share events with others or keep a personal calendar to stay organized and manage your time effectively. Community calendars can help everyone know where they are while keeping pipeline management on track.

Allow your teams to collaborate effectively, no matter where they are in the world, to get the job done.

Make jobs easier with process automation so tasks recur as needed.

Modern solutions and tools that will speed up your performance.

Increase your business capabilities and make a project manager’s job easier.

The task management tool allows a project manager to quickly create individual or team tasks. Track hours, give updates, and keep notes with our professional software.

Manage orders, run marketing, and handle customer relations

Engage with your guests and employees, from sales and marketing automation to inventory management and customer service.

Promote your brand and run marketing campaigns targeted at specific customer segments via Facebook, Instagram, messengers, email, SMS, and push notifications

Find, evaluate, and hire the right people using the resume database. Schedule interviews and score candidates easily.

Track working hours via online time clock. Navigate easily through multiple pay rates. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations for every pay period.

Analyse HR data and do performance reviews to see how your employees’ performance is impacting your business.

Run your business online and achieve maximum efficiency wherever you are – at home, in the office, or on the go.

Track working hours, breaks, and sick leaves via online time clock. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations.

Take orders & accept payments online directly from your CRM. Run marketing campaigns & track actionable metrics.

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