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CCTV Monitoring Systems

Features of our CCTV solutions

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High-definition cameras

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Network & IT Infrastructure

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DVRs and NVRs

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Storage systems

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Monitoring & Alerting

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Advanced Image Identification

Empowering Verticals With Leading AI Technology

We are proud to announce that Dahua Technology’s WizMind portfolio is in partnership with Open V Business Solution, a leading provider of cutting-edge business solutions and AI integration services. Together, we bring you a seamless and powerful integration of AI technology into your surveillance and security systems, enhancing your business operations across various verticals.

With Open V Business Solution’s expertise in AI integration and Dahua Technology’s state-of-the-art WizMind solutions, we deliver a comprehensive and efficient suite of AI-powered products and services to meet your specific business needs. Our collaboration enables you to unlock the full potential of AI technology, empowering your organization with advanced analytics, smart automation, and enhanced security measures.

Open V CCTV System Services

state-of-the-art WizMind solutions

Key benefits of our partnership with Open V Business Solutions

Human Applications

  • Panoramic Surveillance: Designed for applications requiring a panoramic view for situational awareness, such as crowd mapping and vehicle density monitoring. Our high-speed PTZ cameras and EPTZ technology enable quick and automatic tracking of moving targets, ensuring that no target behavior goes unnoticed.
  • Human Video Metadata 2.0: Detects, tracks, and captures images of people while extracting attributes of targets for immediate location identification. With targets directional analysis and data statistics technology, this feature enhances security and safety protocols. The PPE Detection further improves employee work safety.
  • Privacy Protection 2.0: Dahua’s deep learning-based algorithm ensures compliance with GDPR regulations while offering flexible occlusion options (irregular polygons, mosaics, and coloured blocks). It also enables exporting of non-pixelated images based on specified targets, ensuring privacy protection.
  • People Counting: With the ability to track moving human targets accurately, WizMind provides valuable data for business report analysis, offering up to 98% counting accuracy for accurate footfall monitoring.
  • Stereo Analysis: Recognizes various human behaviours, including fall detection, violence detection, strand detection, and people approach. This feature generates alarm signals and triggers linkage alarms for prompt security responses.
  • Smart Tracking: Detects humans entering restricted areas and automatically tracks objects in real-time. Dahua offers different tracking solutions based on specific scenarios, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of up to 90%.

Vehicle Applications

  • Illegal Parking Detection: Capture images and save metadata when vehicles enter prohibited parking areas.This feature aids security personnel in ensuring smooth traffic flow and reducing accidents and property losses caused by illegal parking.
  • Parking Space Management: With deep learning algorithms, Dahua’s Parking Space Management technology detects parking space usage in real-time, improving parking efficiency and providing a hassle-free parking experience.

Thermal Applications

  • Industrial Temperature Management: Dahua’s thermal cameras utilize different gray values to represent temperature differences, allowing for effective temperature measurement and enhanced monitoring of critical environments.
  • Boat Detection: In challenging visibility scenarios on the sea and rivers, thermal cameras combined with Dahua’s advanced AI capabilities automatically detect and identify boats, providing an extra layer of security and safety.
  • Long Range Surveillance: Powered by deep learning and thermal imaging technology, Dahua’s cameras excel at long-distance monitoring, easily recognizing humans or vehicles even from far distances. Unaffected by environmental factors, they deliver high-contrast thermal images of the scene.
  • Fire Detection: By detecting objects with a temperature difference compared to the average scene temperature, Dahua’s thermal cameras are equipped to identify the presence of fires, enabling rapid response and reducing potential damages.
CCTV System Services

Our CCTV Monitoring Systems.

CCTV Systems Network Infrastructure & Installations

Open V has a dedicated team of specialists with the knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible CCTV monitoring solution for your business. Your business needs will be accessed in order to determine the most suitable system.

Our CCTV monitoring systems utilise the latest technologies to offer high-definition images that are clear and visible any time of day, secure network infrastructure, smart image identification algorithms and advanced analytics & alerts.

One Monitoring System for Everything

To assure functionality of the entire CCTV system, every single component must be monitored for availability and performance. Open V provides an offsite monitoring solution that ensures your system remains functioning 24/7, managed by us for your convenience.

Our offsite monitoring system combines smart image identification with advanced analytics and alerting, allowing us to manage and track your systems performance and notify you immediately of any security threats.

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