OpenV offers clients comprehensive and innovative Enterprise Telecommunication Solutions.


Port Elizabeth based Telecommunications Company, Open V Telecoms, specialise in providing end to end Voice Services and with our newly created division, we are able to provide end to end Data services for the Eastern Cape.

As a group of home-grown entrepreneurs we understand the demands of our clients and have the correct blend of skills and wisdom, to offer our customers an efficient and friendly Service. We are currently in all major Business Sectors, Retail, Finance, Media, Insurance, Health Care, Legal, Auditing, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Property. We have aligned ourselves with quality ICT Brands like Mitel; Siemon and Microsoft to ensure that our high standards of quality, support and fanatical customer service are never compromised.

With us you are able to have one service provider to meet all your ICT requirements. One Phone Call, One Solution and One Invoice. Our Mission is to forge a professional relationship thereby exceeding your expectations at all the times.

We Specialise In:

  • VoIP
  • Unified Communications
  • Enterprise Data Solutions
  • Telephone Management Systems
  • Network Infrastructure





With a Mobile App, Growing Businesses Answer Every Call

It’s a slow weekday morning at the local auto dealership, so the junior salesperson steps out to pick up lunch for the office. He’s barely down the road, when a big family with several rambunctious kids steps into the showroom. The senior salesperson is quick to usher them to the back lot, where there are several big SUVs. Of course, this is the precise moment when the phone rings. Back in the service bay, one of the mechanics has a car on the lift and can’t maneuver fast enough to pick up the call. The service manager is on another line, checking on delivery of a specific part. No problem, he thinks. The caller will leave a voicemail. Instead, the impatient prospect hangs up the minute he hears the recorded greeting. For growing businesses like car dealers and service companies, an unanswered phone is a missed opportunity for sales revenue. According to research by British firm, BT Business, the estimated cost of a single missed call is £1,200. But decision makers say the cost of b..

Four Ways Giving Machines a Voice Boosts Customer Experience

As technology raises consumer expectations for smarter, faster and more productive communications, more executives are making customer experience a top priority. Much of the burden falls to the contact center and IT teams, who must put in place the most effective tools, processes and standards. That’s not an easy job, especially when their mandate includes delivering a personalized experience to millions of individual customers. That’s a difficult task, but not an impossible one—thanks to machines. When businesses give machines a voice, they can scale an intimate experience and deliver a higher level of service quality. By handling routine issues, machines free up contact center agents to focus on complex problems and higher-value customers. This means customers save time too. Curious about how to get started with IoT in your business? Check out the white paper. > Business leaders already recognize the possibilities here. In a survey by Opinium Research, 85 percent of IT decision-m..

Collaboration Tools Build Productive Campuses

Just as in every other corner of the world, the pace of life on university campuses is speeding up. Students, faculty and administrators are always on the move, rotating among classrooms, campuses and even off-campus events and internships. Today’s tech-savvy students use several devices to speed their work and be more productive. In a recent survey, the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research found that almost a third of students own a laptop, smartphone and a tablet. What’s more, they expect instructors to leverage more technology in the classroom. Video conferencing and messaging are in constant use. These collaboration tools streamline communications and keep students and faculty in the know. Unified communications enables universities to blend collaboration tools into the campus network. By doing so, they provide students and faculty with numerous ways to communicate across devices and networks. Creating an environment that makes collaboration easy is the key to a productive c..

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