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migration & development

Open V facilitates application migration, moving software applications between different computing environments. They drive business transformation through low-code and the Power Platform, offering a low-code development platform to create application software through a graphical user interface. With Microsoft Power Apps, Open V provides an almost out-of-the-box solution, taking 75% less time than building an app or system from scratch.


migration & development

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What is Application Migration?

Application migration is the¬†operation of moving software applications from one computing environment to a different computing environment. This can include migrating applications from one data centre to another, such as from a public to a private cloud, or from your company’s on-premises server to a cloud provider’s environment. This has become increasingly popular as a result of Covid-19 or the shift in hybrid working that many employees now expect.

How does this have an impact on my company and its operations?

It is a more efficient way to build simple apps or make easy changes. It reduces the need for more contractors, speeds up app changes requested by your customers, and makes coding more accessible to staff who do not understand programming language by using a graphic interface rather than code. It also helps a business plan its technology roadmap by being able to jump into app development at an enterprise level.

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