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Be productive from anywhere. A virtual desktop is an internet-hosted desktop service, on a remote server. Enable your workforce to securely access applications and data from anywhere, anytime, and be productive both at the office and remotely.

One of the biggest drains on the time of an internal IT team is fighting fires. Whether it’s end-user support, dealing with downtime, or needing to reactively upgrade failing equipment, you’re left with little time to be truly strategic around where you take technology in your business. Virtual hosted desktop services give your IT team the freedom and tools to provide support from anywhere, on any device, in minutes.

Embracing the cloud… our way. Your business can lower hardware dependency, cut your costs without cutting performance while taking full control of your estate and operating systems.

By simplifying security and compliance, it will have a flow-on effect on your data security. A predictable user experience will make it more effective for staff to utilize remote working cloud desktop solutions.

By navigating these management systems, you’ll find that your IT systems run smoothly and more cost-efficiently while being able to scale up and down in minutes. By taking advantage of virtual desktop infrastructure, your IT team or your Open V support can be more effective by offering support anywhere, anytime.

Improve efficiency with virtual desktop infrastructure: “63% of staff spend at least 15-45 minutes a day helping colleagues with IT issues.” Hosted desktop solutions could be a way in reducing this time. By using a support team rather than non-technical colleagues helping each other, we can ensure issues are dealt with efficiently.

Desktop services

Our Desktop Services.

Improve efficiency with virtual desktop infrastructure.

Why choose our hosted desktop services?

Benefits of our support services

Don’t be just another number. Protect your vital applications and data and avoid the potentially disastrous implications of a cyber attack. Our SA hosted desktop solution gives you the peace of mind and security you need to protect your business against the ever-changing cyber-criminal. On top of that, we train your staff to recognize foul play with demonstrable results.

  • 46% Of businesses have experienced a cyber attack or breach.
  • R71293,74 Average cost of cybercrime per business per crime.
  • 86% Of companies fail to report experiencing phishing attacks.

Instead of choosing your service provider we choose the best ISP for your current needs in real time, meaning you always stay connected. Over the years OpenV has forged relationships with National network providers such as Vodacom, MTN, FrogFoot, VOX, ECN and Metro Fibre. We manage these relationships which allows you to manage your relationships with your customers.

Securing data with hosted desktops

Intellectual property is the gateway to competitive advantage. We need it to differentiate what we do, and how we do it – and keep one step ahead of the rest of the market. But there’s a problem. 

Others want it from you, and they’ll seemingly stop at nothing to get it. It can be challenging to stay in control of your IP, without limiting your team’s performance. With our SA’s hosted desktop service, your data will never need to leave your environment. It will never reside on a stolen laptop or end up on the thumb drive of a foreign actor.

Modernize your IT, keep the software you rely on

Some products will never have a cloud version made, and if you’re running a line of business application that’s core to your business operations – you’re faced with the decision to change your requirements and processes or risk shortcomings on productivity or competitiveness.

We can enable you to move forward with technology, whilst fully supporting your existing applications, with virtual desktop hosting. It’s because of this software vendors love to work with us; we make delivering your key components the best way possible.

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