5 Epic Reasons Why You Should Care about Your Cloud Phone Provider’s Data Center

In the communications-centric world in which we live, interconnectivity is not a nicety; it’s a necessity. You rely on your business communications to run your operations. If a phone system or conferencing service becomes unavailable, your operations may be impaired or come to a sudden halt. It’s important to have a solution that is reliable to support your mission-critical business systems and minimize any chance of disruption. Unfortunately, not all data centers are alike and not all clouds are created equal. Finding the “silver lining” in a cloud communications provider with the right data center support will enable you to meet your requirements for flexibility, reliability, security and more. And that is golden.

Who’s Worthy of Your Data?

Consider these five important factors as you pursue the right cloud communications solution for your business.

#1 | Scale enables everything

Cloud service providers have the ability and flexibility to add capacity quickly and efficiently to its data center infrastructure will allow you to ramp up when you need to—and scale down with the same speed. Public clouds are popular here because they often feature a low entry cost (there's minimal hardware to purchase) and fast access to high capacity when needed.

#2 | Reliability keeps you in the business of doing business

Call quality is a significant representation of your business; it’s often your first touch with your customer. You need a cloud service provider that maintains its systems so your phones remain clear and on 24/7. The same holds true for other mission-critical applications.

#3 | A resilient system is a quality system

How well the data center is able to recover quickly and continue operating, even when there has been an equipment failure, power outage or other disruption, will ensure you have the applications you need when you need them.

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#4 | Location matters

This may not be top of mind, but it should be on your mind—and that of your cloud communications provider. A service provider that strategically locates data centers rather than relying solely on one hub will be better equipped to keep you connected, with no latency issues.

#5 | All roads lead to a secure system

A data center that offers a secure environment which minimizes the chances of a security breach is a must. Look for high standards from a cloud service provider in assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment, so your systems (and your business) stay up and running without compromise.

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