Five Signs You Should Break Up with Your Cloud Communications Provider

Relationships and communications go hand in hand, but when the relationship with your cloud communications provider sours, things can get ugly fast—from unanswered phone calls to long periods of soul-searching as you wonder whether or not you’ve made the right decision. Before you put your cloud provider on a pedestal they don’t deserve, here are five signs that they may be playing games with your mission-critical communications. Because you deserve a provider who really cares about you and meets your business’s needs.

Sign #1 – They’ve got a fear of commitment

Cloud communications providers talk a good game, but some balk when it comes to signing a service level agreement (known as an “SLA” in the business) that puts a hard number to their systems uptime. If your cloud provider is afraid to guarantee their system’s uptime in writing, take their fear of commitment as a lack of confidence in their own ability to deliver a reliable 24/7/365 experience.

Pro tip: With MiCloud, you get four nines of reliability or better (99.99%), guaranteed in writing.

Sign #2 – They keep giving you lame excuses

Don’t let your cloud communications provider cover up their shortcomings with weak excuses like “VoIP isn’t supposed to sound as good as a traditional phone” or “You’re getting fewer features but saving more money.” Today’s cloud phone calls should sound as good as, or better than, your current phone service and deliver the features you need to excel.

Pro tip: As a leading hosted PBX vendor for years, we make sure that your voice services in the cloud sound as good as ever, and do more than before.

Sign #3 – They’re paying less attention to you

During the courtship, all you heard was how “the customer is number one,” but now you’re feeling like one in a million as you wait days for service problems to get fixed. If your cloud communications provider doesn’t treat your communications system like the mission-critical service that it is, then your customers aren’t getting the service they deserve.

Pro tip: At Mitel, we understand that communications are the lifeblood of your business. It’s the only thing we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

Sign #4 – They don’t respect your need for space

Businesses need storage to protect communications, including voicemails, emails, shared files, etc. But some cloud communications providers act like storage is a special request. If your cloud provider is constantly telling you to delete files or always trying to sell you more storage than you need, they don’t respect or understand your need for space.

Pro tip: With MiCloud, you get more ways to get as much (or as little) storage as you need, so you only pay for what you use.

Sign #5 – They say they’re not ready to take the relationship to the next level

Maybe you’re happy with your cloud communications services and are ready to move the rest of the company into cloud-based collaboration and unified communications (UC). Unfortunately, your cloud communications provider isn’t. Don’t settle for less in your relationship. You should have a provider that can fulfil all of your needs, from hosted VoIP to cloud collaboration to unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Pro tip: With MiCloud, you can add new features as you need them, from unified collaboration (MiTeam) to cloud-based call centers (MiContact Center), all managed as a single, seamless solution.

See yourself in the signs above? You can do better, especially with MiCloud. Switch today, and we’ll even pay off the balance on your existing cloud communications contract for up to six months. Vengeance is sweet, after all, but having an enterprise communications system that sounds great, costs less and has a ton of cool features is much, much sweeter.

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