With so much change in the communications and collaboration industry, it’s no surprise that people are hungry for information, and we’re excited that more and more of you are coming to our blog to get it. For those who want to see some of the year’s highlights, here are our most visited posts for 2017 and the top trends to look forward to in 2018.

Most Visited

Post #1: 5 Essential Business Phone Headset Etiquette Rules for Work

Basic headset etiquette is important for a well-functioning workplace, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put these basic rules down in ink (or in this case, pixels). Feel free to pass them around your office—especially if you have any chronic offenders. Your coworkers will thank you.

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Post #2: 10 Perfectly Organized Server Rooms & Cable Closets That Will Make OCD IT Pros Smile

Taming server rooms and cable closets is a daunting task, and doing it well is as much art as science. In fact, the results of a well-organized setup often end up looking like art. Want to bring a smile to your favorite organized IT pro? Show them these 10 examples of cabling done well.

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Post #3: Contact Center 101: Understanding the Basics

There are plenty of companies—like customer interaction centers or departmental offices — that are poised to significantly benefit from today’s suite of highly advanced contact center solutions, yet they are unaware of the fact. As a result, your company could be missing out.

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Post #4: The Perils of Porting Numbers

We’re all told that the number porting process is highly-regulated, and that there are time frames for each step of the process. It should all be very predictable and well-defined. But in my experience with multiple clients, this is often not the case. The process does go smoothly—sometimes. But it can also be quite challenging.

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Post #5: Options for Avaya Customers: Do Nothing. Change Everything. Or Evolve. Confused? Read On…

From long-established competitors like Mitel to relatively new market entrants like Ring Central, Avaya customers have been presented with a myriad of options, including staying put. Here’s a look at the three primary options that competing vendors have been promoting to Avaya customers over the last few weeks.

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Post #6: Meet The Next Generation of Mobile-First IP Phones

Recently at Mitel Next Paris, the demo booth for MiVoice Business 8.0 and the new MiVoice 6900 IP Phone series was one of the busiest. Mitel partners and customers were delighted to see this investment in one of the most popular telephony systems on the market.

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Post #7: How Shadow IT Is Costing You a Fortune

The average enterprise uses 730 different cloud apps that aren’t part of the corporate infrastructure. Clearly, shadow IT is a bigger problem than most CIOs realize.

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Top Trends

Trends Post #1: Top 10 Communication Trends in Hotel Technology for 2018

We’re here to share ten of the top communication technology trends in hospitality today. Check them out. Think about which ones make sense for your business. And if you see an opportunity, you can get out in front and begin planning accordingly. After all, in hospitality, every advantage counts.

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Trends Post #2: The 9 Most Important Call Center Trends to Watch in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be the year of strategic thinking: better analytics, more intentional social media conversations and innovative ways to involve artificial intelligence. To help you stay on target for 2018, we’ve identified nine of the most influential trends affecting centers so far.

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Trends Post #3: 10 Reasons Companies are Moving Communications to the Cloud in 2018

Smart businesses are asking what’s driving the rush to the cloud—and they’re getting solid answers. So why are so many businesses moving communications to the cloud today? Here are 10 real-world reasons.

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