The Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise Connect 2017

Everyone knows to bring comfortable shoes, an extra pair of socks and Advil to a conference. I mean, we’re all adults here, right?

But have you ever thought about what you can leave behind? There’s some obvious ones: you shouldn’t bring your pets, and it’s a bad idea to bring metal cutlery on an airplane.

The line blurs a little after that. With airline fees often depending on how heavy your suitcase is and fewer airlines allowing large carry-ons, you need to save space and weight wherever you can.

So let’s go over some unnecessary items that you can leave behind and some key tools that could enrich your Enterprise Connect experience and make life much easier on you.

Do check Twitter

Enterprise Connect has a Twitter account and a specialized hashtag for the weekend to find out more about the event.

Not only that, but your favorite speakers and participants in the conference will be tweeting both at the Enterprise Connect account and with the hashtag. You can keep up with all the action by following Twitter and official Enterprise Connect posts before the event and throughout the weekend.

Don’t rely on your laptop

You don’t want to be navigating the large Gaylord Palms campus with a 17-inch behemoth strapped to your back. How about you give yourself a break?

Instead, bring a tablet or – throwback alert – a notepad and pen. You really only need something large enough to take light notes and bulleted action items.

Not only will the smaller and lighter device be a physical relief, but such devices often have features better suited to being mobile anyway, including a camera so you can take quick snapshots of great presentation materials, the latest gadgets and maybe some convention selfies for social media.

Don’t drink coffee before you leave your room

You just need to power through the initial zombie phase while you’re still waking up before getting that first glorious cup. The nectar of the gods awaits you on the Enterprise Connect floor.

Because you’ll soon find out that the java is flowing, between some booths giving away free coffee and others including coffee in promotions (such as Mitel’s $25 Starbucks gift card for appointments). Even without drinking that first cup alone in your room, you should have a solid caffeine buzz to take you into the afternoon.

Don’t suffer from hand-to-ear fatigue

It’s great to get away from the office and network with people in your field. But you still sometimes will need to take a business call. And though you can step outside of the main hall, there’s nothing worse than struggling with the poor-quality sound that comes out of your phone’s built-in speaker when you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals taking their own business calls.

Not only that, but you’ve spent a whole day of shaking hands, and the last thing you want to do is hold a phone up to your ear for 30 minutes to catch that important meeting.

Make sure to bring a quality set of headphones or a Bluetooth headset so you can still conduct your business. Not only will you save your energy but you’ll be able to hear the person on the other line better.

Do bring a pen

It’s pretty safe to assume that someone will be giving away pens, but they never seem to be around when you need one. Don’t be caught without a writing instrument when you need to make a note on a business card.

Make sure to bring a few of your favorite pens that are reliable so you’re always ready to take a note when necessary.

Don’t bring a bag for the convention floor

You’ll be grabbing so much swag going booth to booth, you won’t know what to do with it. Lucky for you, the kind folks at Enterprise Connect have you covered.

All convention goers will be given their very own bag, thus eliminating the need for you to bring one with you. In addition to being easier to carry around all the giveaways you’re sure to receive, you also won’t need to stuff your already cramped suitcase.

Don’t forget the essentials

When you’re packing everything on this list that will make your Enterprise Connect (#EC17, @enterprisecon) enjoyable, don’t neglect to pack your clothes, toothbrush and deodorant.

While we started off reminding you that you’re an adult capable of packing these things, a little reminder couldn’t possibly hurt.

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