In this video blog post, Tony Pereira explains how to leverage your prior communications investments. Tony discusses the different silos involved in modern day communications and how the cloud and APIs can enable business productivity.

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From the Video:

The old model of communications and collaboration really involves many many silos. So you’ve got the email silo, the calendar silo, the information silo, you know. And putting it all together – finding information in all the different silos – is actually quite time-consuming.

So that’s why you find a lot of people prefer not to collaborate much. They want to just stay in their own little silos

And it should be easy. It shouldn’t be complex. It shouldn’t be difficult.

There’s a lot of what I would call waiting for something to happen—waiting for information to come, waiting to go find the data.

You have to, you know, continuously regurgitate what you did and you have to re-explain things. You have to go back and step through it multiple times with multiple people.

It’s not integrated at all. I mean this is one of the big challenges – and obviously the opportunities – for companies like Mitel to solve that problem, to allow us to create that seamless collaboration capability that facilitates much more easier, smoother, rapid collaboration and communication with multiple teams, multiple groups.

It’s a unified experience, I mean truly unified collaboration where you’re not having to deal with an email domain, or a Dropbox domain, or a file store domain. You don’t have to treat video and documents and chat and meeting action registers separately. They can all be in one unified common space that everybody has visibility to.

So I think encouraging people to collaborate easily, seamlessly – without having to feel it as a burdensome task – I think will help you make collaboration a much more enjoyable, much more fun thing to do.

And also, it’s more productive. If you get people to collaborate faster, better, you can actually solve problems quicker. You can get more brainpower working together.

It’s critical that businesses act on quality information. And quality information is much easier if you have teams collaborating and sharing and bringing their best knowledge and information to bear on problems. So, removing these silos – enabling faster, seamless collaboration – is crucial for business success.

The rate of technological change to stay competitive is critical because it’s very important that the systems and solutions that you enable to solve these problems are capable of evolving, capable of being updated, and that means they have to be cloud-based so that you can actually update it, make it available to the number of users that are leveraging it. So yeah, it’s very critical. The pace the technology will change, so having technology that’s adaptable, upgradeable and easily deployable is going to be critical as well.

You can now basically add to your underlying system new services without having to rip and replace them. You can find the application you want, buy it and then via integrating, via the appropriate APIs, you can now enable those applications onto your systems to do specific tasks so they can actually improve the way you work, improve the way you communicate, improve the way you collaborate.

So you’re adding to what you already have running and available. So this actually enhances what you have and delivers new capabilities by providing the solution over the top.

This solution will enable companies to protect their investments because they keep what they have. They continue to use it, to leverage it until it’s time to modernize and upgrade.

This new model is enabled by delivering solutions from the cloud. The ability to deploy APIs and applications that can be downloaded, they can be enabled, just when you need it. Just like if you look at the phone – the Apple phone – with the Apple Store concept where you buy the phone and you want a specific app. You go find the app, you bring it down on the phone, and hey, presto guess what—you’re now using that capability immediately.

This new model of adding communication capabilities is giving you tremendous flexibility, is giving you a rapid choice of access to solutions, the ability to integrate effectively and to deliver solutions that solve your problems.

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