Choosing the Right Network Performance Tool Part 1: Manage Like a Boss

Managing the performance of unified communications (UC) networks is increasingly a business “must have.”1 By shifting the support model from reactive to proactive, UC management software improves the user experience and ensures problems are resolved faster. In this series, we’ll define stellar UC network performance management outcomes, consider competing software options and offer approaches based on expertise developed managing more than 10,000 devices in Mitel networks around the world.

Network Performance: The Good and the Bad

Voice traffic is more sensitive to issues in the network infrastructure than data, and problems can be more difficult to diagnose. Consider a school district in the Eastern United States that was plagued by a voice quality problem for six months. Users experienced persistent call quality problems, including echo and choppy audio. The school district’s channel partner tried to emulate the problem with test calls and investigate the performance of the Mitel solution. However, with a large network spanning seven schools with equipment from multiple vendors, it was like finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” The school’s support partner had little visibility into what might be happening on this vast network to cause the problem.

Most voice quality problems are caused by a problem in the network infrastructure, so to achieve stellar UC network performance, it’s important to monitor and manage the servers, routers, switches and other multi-vendor parts of this ecosystem. So, is monitoring of this IT infrastructure with an “all in one” network monitoring package enough to detect and address voice quality and other UC performance issues?

Today, a problem like this one is detected and addressed by the school district’s channel partner before users experience poor call quality. Mitel Performance Analytics, the UC performance management software included in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription, actively monitors the performance of the customer’s network around the clock. In fact, after deploying the software, the faulty switch causing this customer’s problem was identified in hours, and the problem was fixed within a week.

Mitel Performance Analytics takes a unique approach to network performance management, teaming 24/7 monitoring of Mitel solutions with visibility into the performance of the multi-vendor components (servers, routers, switches, etc.) of the network infrastructure. The result? Complete network visibility and faster problem resolution.

To effectively troubleshoot and resolve Mitel UC network performance problems, monitoring the IT infrastructure isn’t enough. In edition 2, we look at why Mitel Networks need Mitel performance management.

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1 Why UC management is a business must-have.

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