August 2017 Partner Blog Roundup

At Mitel, we’re fortunate to work with an incredible partner community full of deep, diverse expertise. So, each month, we’re going to share some of that expertise by highlighting partner blog posts about the business communications topics relevant to modern IT pros.

Cloud-based UC gains traction

By Allstream

The forecast is looking pretty sunny for cloud-based unified communications (UC). Transparency Market Research predicts the value of the global UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) market will grow from US$5.6 billion in 2013 to US$37.8 billion by 2022. (In case anyone’s wondering, that’s a wow-worthy compound annual growth rate of 23.4 per cent.) Cloud UC is gaining traction with businesses big and small, according to Ovum’s 2017 UC Trends Study. SMEs see it as a way to devote less IT resources to communications applications, Ovum says, while larger enterprises view it as a way to replace complex multivendor PBX networks and move communications spending from capex to opex.

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The 10 Best Ways to Attract Top Talent for Your Small Business

by Frontier Business

The age-old question: how do you get highly qualified employees to come to you? By offering them what they can’t find anywhere else. If your small business is trying to build an extraordinary team, here are ten ways you can attract top talent. Some of the strategies include paying well, offering a flexible work-life balance and choosing unique benefits to offer potential employees.

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The Future of Energy Harvesting IoT Applications

by Arrow Electronics

Energy harvesting offers significant advantages to the development and improvement of the Internet of Things. It is a critical component for creating an enhanced class of autonomous and mobile applications that can operate for much longer periods of time without the need for battery charges. It also drives cost savings by significantly delaying battery replacement, which often costs more than the battery itself. And energy harvesting is a key element in bringing intelligence to the edge and the IoT to a world of new places and applications. Analog Devices can help entrepreneurs with energy harvesting solutions through the Arrow Certification Program.

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