Three Ways Mitel Can Meet Your Business’s Cloud Needs

Cloud communications platforms have predictable monthly costs, the ability to scale, instant technology updates, disaster recovery and a degree of future-proofing to protect your communications investment.

But you already know that – it’s why you’re here. Now it’s time to investigate what cloud solution is the best for your business.

Your choice could have a real effect on your business’s bottom line. So how do you convert that knowledge into the purchase of a system that will fit your business and help you grow?

Mitel has cloud offerings that can fit any size business and any need, whether you need integrations or a mobile-first solution. Mitel has different options to fit the business needs of different segments and industries.

A mobile-first system

By 2018, 70 percent to 80 percent of new applications will be designed for the mobile screen first. Millennials grew up with the Internet. They’ve almost always had a mobile device in their hands and there’s an expectation for how they’ll interact with a company or an employer.

With MiCloud Office, you can have applications that are designed with millennials in mind, allowing them to be productive away from their traditional desks.

Work is becoming more of an activity rather than a place you go for millennials, and meeting them at this concept can future-proof your system.

And although MiCloud Office is often positioned as a cloud communications system for small businesses, the platform can actually scale to tens of thousands of users around the world. So when your business hits 100 employees, you don’t need to switch to a new phone system.

Cloud Communications For Dummies

The phone system you can control

Previously, you needed an engineer or trained consultant to manage your phone system, especially when provisioning, moving and changing how your system works for you. With a cloud communications system, those administrative functions can be performed by employees with less technical knowledge than before.

The Mitel Management Portal, also known as Oria, is the MiCloud Business tool that allows your business to easily manage your system. It can be accessed whenever you need to tailor the system to your needs. This is especially critical for mid-sized businesses that have critical technology needs.

Oria allows the ability to provision, move, change and do all the other administrative functions in a graphical user interface that is easy to use and understand.

MiCloud Business also brings in the mobile-first attitude of MiCloud Office, but also provides an ease-of-management that is appealing to mid-sized businesses.

A customized, enterprise solution

If you like the features of MiCloud Office and MiCloud Business but you have multiple sites, a lot of employees and a need for compliance, MiCloud Enterprise might be what you’re looking for.

Large enterprises need a mobile solution, management capabilities and more. For those companies, MiCloud Enterprise provides a highly customized cloud communications platform.

MiCloud Enterprise looks at groups and even individuals within the organization to make sure that the experience is fully tailored.

Some large enterprises need the mobility that MiCloud Office provides, the management capabilities that MiCloud Business provides and tailorization

One of those functionalities is the management portal available on MiCloud Business. But if your large enterprise has multiple locations and you don’t want to purchase additional servers, MiCloud Enterprise can support those sites whether in-country or abroad.

In addition to combining the best from MiCloud Office and MiCloud Business, MiCloud Enterprise provides the functionality that large, global enterprises need in today’s business landscape. This also includes compliances such as HIPAA and SOX.

A solution no matter your business

Whether you are a growing business, a mid-sized business or a large enterprise, Mitel has a cloud communications platform for you.

Check out more about how the Mitel cloud portfolio provides mobile, manageable, scalable and customizable solutions for your business.

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