The Case for Hybrid Cloud

In this video blog post Terry McCabe explains why hybrid cloud can be a powerful choice for businesses.

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So, hybrid cloud is interesting. Recently I've been on some panels, sat and watched some of the activities at Enterprise Connect, and it's very clear that the pure play cloud providers, you know, they like to denigrate hybrid cloud. They like to say, you know, it's what you have if you haven't really worked out what cloud can do for you.

Well, in truth, cloud moves at different speeds, and is driven by different things depending on your business needs. Hybrid cloud gives you the ability to leverage assets you've already got, on-premises assets, and combine them with the best of the cloud. Too many people, you know, talk about the cloud as if it's a simple transition. There's complexity and there are different drivers for different people, and to say that one size fits all I think is quite arrogant in a way. We don't know everyone's business as well as we'd like to and so we have to listen to our customers and listen to what their concerns and drivers are. Hybrid cloud is a great way to service that need.

Thinking about a couple of our larger customers, and these are Fortune 100 companies. Today they're moving from on-premises implementations in their individual premises and campuses and creating cloud solutions within their corporate IT environment, and they have very strict security requirements, even within their data center, it's vital for them to see encryption of data flows, anything that involves subscriber data, customer data, has to be encrypted at all times in transit. They are not open to a public cloud solution today, and they do see the criticality of having a compelling unified communications offering, and bringing forward new services and new concepts in their business.

So, what they're doing is creating that private cloud infrastructure, regionalizing their implementation, and within each one of the country or regional entities, if you like, creating a cloud implementation that serves a set of premises and remote workers. That gives them the ability to reduce the number of implementations, reduce the tasks associated with upgrading and maintaining individual systems in different sites, countries, cities but it does also give them that sense of control and that IT quality of service that they feel is absolutely critical to supporting their business needs.

There are lots of technical drivers, business drivers, and simply the maturity of the IT organization as a driver that can cause a business to look at cloud, recognize that it's a direction that they want to go in, recognize that it can bring value to them but not necessarily feel that everything has to move to the cloud, and that's really something that we feel very strongly. We support our customers moving to the cloud at the speed that they feel is appropriate.

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