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Most businesses understand that social media can be a powerful tool and can help shape and form your company’s image as well as create brand awareness. Unfortunately, most business owners go into the realm of social media blindly, thinking that as long as they post regularly this will be enough to build their brand image.

Successful Digital Marketing strategies, however, take planning. Posts need to be strategic and well presented. Open V realised the gap in strategies for online presence management, especially for new and small businesses. That is why we offer complete management of all your social media accounts, with regular posts that are strategic and brand-focused. We sit face to face with our clients to better understand their needs so that we can deliver the most effective social management strategy possible.

Marketing Services

Social media management.

Managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Content Creation

Managing your social media platforms is more complex than simply just posting regularly. Creative, innovative and well planned campaigns are critical to build brand awareness on social media and engage with audiences.

That’s where we come in. We create unique content for your social media platforms, engaging your followers and building a positive brand awareness through social media.

Community Management

Creative, innovative, and well-planned campaigns are critical to build brand awareness on social media and engage with audiences.

Creative Design

The design and visual appeal of your posts is also crucial as audiences will over-time develop an association with your brands look and feel. Visually appealing posts also gain more engagement and that is why we design unique graphics to ensure that every post is brand-centric, visually stunning and delivers the correct message to your audience.

Our Business Services

Business Solutions

Managed Voice Services, Network Management & Infrastructure, Tailored Software and Business Management Solutions.

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