Simplify Geographically Distributed Communications Systems with Mitel World Cloud

Businesses of all sizes are facing a world that has never been more interconnected – and to succeed in this global landscape, a company needs to know that their customer base is not just around the corner, but around the world.

As the geographical footprint of your business grows, it becomes more and more critical for all of your employees to be able to connect and collaborate easily with each other, and provide the best customer experience, no matter their location.

Most legacy business communications systems aren’t built for today’s globally distributed workforces. IT departments struggle to support disparate regional PBX systems, have to negotiate and deal with different local service providers, and setting up new locations or users can be a serious drain of time and resources.

With every location different from the next, the result is usually inconsistent features, functionality and quality of service for both employees and customers. Business communication systems need to keep up with the rise of globally distributed, highly mobile organizations. And now they can—with Mitel World Cloud

What is Mitel World Cloud?

With Mitel World Cloud, multinational businesses can connect everything under a single communications platform, streamlining global team collaboration, accelerating productivity and elevating customer experiences.

Uniting workforces by virtually bridging the distance between offices, Mitel World Cloud breaks down the barriers of international communications by delivering a real-time voice, video, and messaging experience to employees around the world.

With Mitel World Cloud, international businesses of all sizes get the benefits of the highest performing communications and collaboration experience, featuring:

  • A single communications platform with a global directory and real-time presence for all employees
  • Powerful team collaboration tools
  • International one-touch voice, video and messaging
  • Dedicated local numbers and enterprise-grade quality of service for a local market presence
  • Comprehensive contact center applications for responsive customer care worldwide
  • Crystal clear connectivity powered by 14 top-tier global data centers
  • Streamlined IT management and administration

You can unify employees worldwide using a single global communications platform, engage users with a shared application experience and connect them between any office, anywhere, anytime, on any device. With real-time presence and international one-touch dialing, employees have universal access to the same voice, video, messaging and conferencing tools.

Who benefits from Mitel World Cloud?

International businesses of all sizes, whether you have two employees in two countries or 200 offices all over the world, benefit from global cloud-hosted communications.

  • Are your current offices or employees located in multiple countries?
  • Does your IT department struggle to maintain multiple PBXs in international locations?
  • Does your billing department have to sift through the complexity of multiple bills from different countries using different currencies?
  • Are there plans to expand your global presence?
  • Is your company growth stalled by the complexity of international communications?

Mitel World Cloud is a flexible, scalable and easy to manage solution for a globally growing SMB, as well as an agile solution that connects entire global enterprises onto a single, secure and cost-savings communications platform.

Why Mitel World Cloud?

It’s agile. Mitel World Cloud is a flexible global solution that offers either a pure cloud or a hybrid cloud deployment, allowing you to transition to the cloud at your own pace. Connecting all offices and employees under a single, efficient and collaborative communications platform, your company can stay competitive in the global marketplace and swiftly expand to new regions.

It’s scalable. With all communications services supported in our global cloud, you no longer have to maintain multiple variations of on-premises PBX systems and have the freedom to easily scale and shape your communications system for your unique business needs.

It accelerates productivity. World Cloud delivers the same comprehensive suite of tools to all locations and devices, facilitating communication, file sharing, project management, and face-to-face collaboration amongst a global team. Global collaboration becomes seamless regardless of where a person or office is located.

It’s easy to manage. In addition to simplified IT management, billing and finance departments no longer have to deal with a pile of bills from multiple carriers and vendors from different countries and currencies. Mitel World Cloud consolidates all costs into a single easy-to-understand monthly bill in a single currency, no matter the location of international offices and employees.

It saves you money. Companies see significant savings with free international extension-to-extension dialing, unlimited user-based country dialing and predictable monthly costs. Mitel World Cloud also reduces IT expenditures by removing the need for on-premises infrastructure support and the cost of multiple regional service providers.

It saves you time. Streamlining system administration, Mitel World Cloud enables IT to quickly add new users, activate new international numbers and get new offices up and running easily.

Go global with Mitel World Cloud

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