Open V Telecoms is a CI Certified Partner of Siemon.

Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions. Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper (unshielded and shielded twisted-pair) category 5e, category 6 (Class E), category 6A (Class EA) and category 7/7A (Class F/FA), and multimode and singlemode fiber cabling systems available.

With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling, from patch cords to patch panels, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company’s long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.


Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

Siemon ConvergeIT is a unified intelligent building (IB) cabling solution that combines Siemon’s proven quality with advanced copper and fiber cabling technology to create a structured cabling system that converges critical data, voice, video and low-voltage building systems onto a single unified physical infrastructure, providing significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility.

Siemon Category 5e

Network Cabling Solutions

  • UTP & Shielded
  • Contractor-focused value
  • Exceeds Category 5e specifications
  • Warranty channel performance up to 160 MHz

Siemon’s end-to-end Premium 5e cabling solution is guaranteed to provide transmission performance margins in excess of industry standards for category 5e/class D parameters, and has been independently verified to perform to 160 MHz, making it ideal for supporting Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Siemon Category 6 UTP

Network Cabling Solutions

Siemon offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end cabling systems designed to meet or exceed connecting hardware and channel performance specifications set forth for category 6/class E by TIA and ISO/IEC.

TERA® Category 7A

Structured Network Cabling

  • Shielded 10Gb/s and Beyond
  • Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz Per Pair
  • Cable Sharing & Security Capabilities

Exceeding ISO/IEC category 7/class FA specifications, Siemon’s fully shielded TERA end-to-end cabling solution is the highest-performing twisted-pair copper cabling system available.

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