Meet The Next Generation of Mobile-First IP Phones

Recently at Mitel Next Paris, the demo booth for MiVoice Business 8.0 and the new MiVoice 6900 IP Phone series was one of the busiest. Mitel partners and customers were delighted to see this investment in one of the most popular telephony systems on the market.

Pairing mobile and desk phone

The mobile connect feature on the 6900 series generated the most interest. As many people now have Bluetooth in their cars, the concept of doing an initial pairing of a mobile phone then automatically having it connect whenever in range is well understood. By bringing that functionality to the desk phone, a whole new level of productivity and convenience emerges.

Just imagine coming into the office and never having to take your mobile out of your bag or jacket—if a call comes in on the mobile, it automatically appears on the desk phone.

Watch the MiVoice 6900 Video

Hotdesking with 6900 series IP phones

Automatic syncing of mobile phone contacts to the desk phone is also a great time-saver – and it even works with in a hot-desk environment where the contacts are pulled down to the desk phone from the hot-desk profile.

If you’ve taken a call on your desk phone and need to move away to another area for a meeting or something else, simply push the call to your connected mobile device and it comes with you. Similarly, if you’re coming back to your desk, pull the call back onto the desk phone.

Accessories for 6900 series IP phones

The new accessories for the 6900 Series phones were also a big talking point. The wireless LAN adapter frees up the phone from being near a network point, while also maintaining enterprise-grade security and remote management—both limitations from the past.

Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets from Jabra and Plantronics will be available and are also supported on MiVoice Business Console 8.0 attendant solution.

There’s also a new color LCD PKM (programmable key module) add-on available at launch, which really moves things on from the days of writing out names on a cardboard insert!

Shortly after launch, there are more accessories coming, like an integrated DECT headset, USB Bluetooth dongle and a wireless speakerphone.

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