Meet the MiVoice 400 Hospitality: The Secret to Increasing Hotel ADR

Guests have never had more opinions, or more platforms available to amplify those opinions, than they do today. Travelers use review sites and ratings to choose which hotels to stay in, and that can have a real impact on a hotel’s bottom line. The key to exceeding guest expectations is ensuring that the many moving parts in a hotel are connected seamlessly.

Disconnected tools create disconnected processes and people

How many different tools does the standard hospitality staff use to collaborate across a property? Many hotels still rely on manual communications, like clipboards, sticky notes and walkie-talkies, to communicate across shift changes and locations. Each of these methods, however, brings with it the opportunity for a communications failure that can leave your guest experience lacking. And this isn’t restricted to low-tech tools. Even having a phone system not fully integrated into a PMS system, for example, can lead to missed connections.

Better guest experiences mean better ratings (and more revenue, too)

Closing the gap on missed opportunities gives your staff the ability to preempt guest issues even before guests arrive on the property. Positive guest reviews do more than just secure your current revenue – they can also lead to an increase in your average daily rate (ADR). According to Cornell University,1 a one-star increase in online reviews can justify a hotel in raising their ADR by up to 39 percent.

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To secure that 39 percent increase in ADR, it’s important to find a tool to connect staff across departments and shifts. With the MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package, Mitel is ready to help.

Introducing (but not for the first time): MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package

Based on the MiVoice Office 400 – the popular and proven call control platform used in hotels across Europe – Mitel has recently brought the MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package to North America. Not just a phone system, the MiVoice 400 Hospitality is a purpose-built package of phone system, applications and integrations exclusively for the hospitality industry. It’s specifically designed for small hotels, boutique hotels and select service properties with up to 150 rooms.

MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package Features

The MiVoice 400 Hospitality is a flexible system designed to integrate seamlessly with the hospitality process and environment currently in place. It includes branch-specific applications and interfaces, communications servers, telephones and mobile integration for guests and staff.

Key Features:

  • Staff workflow optimization and management. With an embedded web application featuring an easy-to-use graphical interface, hospitality staff can easily track check-ins, maintenance requests and key guest services directly from their screens.
  • Application integrations. Integrate your hotel systems across a range of guest services, hotel billing systems, guest phone pairing and guest services management applications.
  • Three front desk/reception options. For the front desk, hotels can choose a phone console (6873i or 6940) with a large touch screen and hospitality functions, Mitel’s web-based Hospitality Manager application, or integration with an existing PMS interface. These three solutions can be used together or separately.
  • Staff mobility tools. Enable mobile workers while keeping them fully connected with tools like SIP-DECT handsets and mobile applications for personal devices
  • Staff and guest voice messaging. With our voice messaging applications, you can simplify and automate routine tasks to free staff up to handle other tasks and ensure guest privacy.

Get the ratings you deserve.

Your hospitality business lives and dies by its reputation. Get the ratings you deserve by exceeding guest expectations. With the right communications system in place, your staff can save time wasted on repetitive tasks and preempt guest service issues.

See what the MiVoice 400 Hospitality Package can do for you. >

1Cornell Hospitality Report, May 2016. Vol. 16, No. 10.

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