Is SIP-DECT a Good Fit for Healthcare?

Mobile communications systems provide healthcare workers in environments such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retirement homes the required freedom to move about the premises and provide care for their patients without restrictions. While such mobility is a necessity, constant availability is essential in these settings, where emergencies are common and fast response is crucial. Every second counts to a doctor, nurse or technician, and their means of communication must be equally responsive and reliable.

Using radio base stations and wireless DECT handsets to provide a scalable range of mobility, Mitel SIP-DECT offers advanced functionality tailored to the specialized and stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.

Powerful Reliability

Hospital staff cannot afford gaps in communication from technology interference or infrastructure failure. DECT technology uses a reserved frequency band to avoid disturbances from other radio networks and deliver uninterrupted service. To ensure that customer data and radio links are available even in case of failure, high reliability can be managed using a redundant structure of the SIP-DECT control components.

Robust Security

With so many different stakeholders, it’s no surprise that security, confidentiality, and privacy are highly important and highly scrutinized in the healthcare industry. If your organization shares these concerns, SIP-DECT offers some attractive security features. Mitel SIP-DECT components, specifically, are DECT Security certified to ensure compliance with the latest security requirements of the DECT standard. Voice transmissions are encrypted on the air interface to protect the link between SIP-DECT mobile handsets and base stations against eavesdropping. SIP-DECT also supports VoIP Security with the encryption of signaling (TLS) voice data (SRTP).

Enhanced Availability

SIP-DECT technology helps healthcare workers stay reachable from a single number as they roam your premises—be it a hospital, clinic, senior care facility or other type of healthcare facility. An added bonus—Mitel handsets come with belt clips for easy portability, and certain models provide a headset socket and Bluetooth capability so healthcare workers can make use of hands-free communication while they perform their daily duties.

Support in Emergencies

To support healthcare workers in emergency situations, Mitel SIP-DECT enables fast and powerful messaging when it matters most. SIP-DECT supports text messaging, saving time in communicating messages to multiple parties at once. Alarm scenarios can be used in a variety of situations to send information to groups or teams within the organization. For instance, if additional staff is needed in an emergency situation, a predefined message can be sent to and displayed on users’ DECT handsets.

What’s Next?

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