How to Tackle Digital Transformation to Become a High-Performance Company

At Enterprise Connect, we learned some of the ways digital transformation has completely changed the way businesses should operate. But some businesses have adopted digital transformation far better than others. High-performance companies – that is, companies that have approached digital transformation as a tool to revolutionize their processes and grow market share – employ a few key strategies that any company can implement. No matter the size of your business, these four key strategies can mean the difference between becoming an industry leader and falling behind.

So what do high-performance companies have in common?

Embrace mobile excellence

Companies with a well-designed and -executed mobility strategy stay agile and responsive to how their work gets done, which means they stay efficient and productive in ways other companies can’t replicate. The news gets worse for businesses failing to adopt mobility as the new norm: the average cost of a bad or non-existent mobility strategy is $186,000 per week, putting them even further behind the companies getting it right. In short, high-performing companies know that work isn’t a destination: it’s an activity. Designing a workplace that moves with your employees ensures your company is equipped to go where business takes you and isn’t chained down by outdated infrastructure.

Foster team environments

There’s a reason 80% of executives say collaboration is crucial to growth. Better teamwork can result in better financial results, higher employee performance and, most importantly, higher levels of innovation. How do high-performance companies do it? A critical element of fostering a team environment involves providing the right tools to remove collaboration roadblocks and pave the way to higher productivity. In fact, more than 60% of firms using team collaboration tools report saving three hours a week per mobile worker – that amounts to 12 extra hours of productivity per month. By empowering employees with the right tools for team collaboration, high-performance companies keep their employees focused on the work that will disrupt industries, not sifting through scheduling emails and wasting time traveling to meetings.

Prioritize customer experience

Putting the customer experience above everything gives your customers a commitment to a lasting relationship they will rely on indefinitely. High-performing companies know that putting a name and a face where other companies put a number can mean the difference between a one-time transaction and a fruitful, long-term relationship. Research shows that 79% of customers will commit to a deeper product or service relationship with a brand after a satisfying experience. And, on the flip side, bad impressions have never been so impactful: it takes 12 positive experiences for a brand to make up for one unresolved negative experience – and that’s if the customer even gives you a second chance. Focusing on improving your customer experience in the ways that matter most: providing full context and information to every customer interaction, and even proactively reaching out before a customer knows they have a need, boosts trust in your company and turns customers into brand evangelists.

Drive analytics-based decisions

Using data to make decisions means you’re building a plan around reality instead of subjective conjecture. High-performing companies operate like finely tuned machines specifically because they look at hard data when they are faced with strategic business decisions. Linking data gathered through various business applications with analytics within your business is the best way to make strategic decisions about timing, resource allocation, and research and development. How can you know where you should go next if you don’t know where you’ve been?

What does it look like when a company harnesses these four strategies to become high-performance? Take a look at Michael Johnson Performance (MJP), who recently revolutionized their business through a strategic communications system.

High-Performance in Action: Michael Johnson Performance

Founded by four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson, MJP is known for its athletic excellence and high-performance training techniques. With coaches and athletes across the globe, communications are a key strategic activity for MJP. MJP recognized that with the mobile nature of its sales and coaching teams, they needed to find a communications system that met them where they traveled: on their mobile devices, with an easy-to-use collaboration approach that would give their customers a superior training experience. By implementing a solution that provided integrated messaging, collaboration and video conferencing software across devices and locations, MJP was able to radically improve the way their coaches communicate with athletes around the world.

Ready to learn more about how you can become a high-performance company? Download a free copy of Digital Transformation for Dummies, or contact us today to learn why high-performance companies are choosing high-performance communications.

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