How to Make Your Mid-Market Enterprise Sound Like a Billion-Dollar Company

All mid-market companies compete with larger enterprises. But for many, consumer perception often stands in the way. The problem is that – rightly or wrongly – customers sometimes view mid-market firms as having less experience and credibility than the giants at work in the same market.

Fewer resources and smaller budgets make it more challenging for mid-market enterprises to gain customer trust. But with new cloud technologies, it’s easier than ever to look and sound like a billion-dollar company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways an effective enterprise cloud strategy can help mid-market companies to shift perceptions.

Embrace the Digital Workplace

From cloud storage to mobile communications, digital technology is transforming the workplace. For mid-market businesses, it’s both game-changing and cost-effective. Analyst firm Gartner recommends making “it easy for people to share and exchange information and ideas using information-sharing environments,” CRN reported. With cloud technology, business data can be integrated with your phone system, enabling your employees to personalize every interaction with your customers.

Cloud Communications For Dummies

Select the Right Phone System

With cloud-based phone systems, it’s easier for mid-market companies to look and feel like bigger players. A professional answering system can employ a 24/7 virtual assistant that routes calls to the right person immediately. Employees can take calls from home or the road, giving the impression that the organization is much larger than it is.

Cloud technology also can reroute calls if someone has stepped away from their desk. Transcription converts voicemails into emails, allowing for faster and more efficient response times and record-keeping. These capabilities increase the speed and efficiency of your business, while also making your team seem larger.

Enhance the Customer Journey

The type of customer experience you deliver defines your brand. From the moment a customer visits your website or connects with your contact center, every interaction in their journey contributes to the how they perceive your business.

Until recently, delivering a stellar customer experience at every touchpoint required a small army – something that’s much easier for larger companies to deploy. But with cloud communications, businesses of all sizes have access to tools that make it easy to interact on social media, personalize customer conversations, follow up on purchases, and anticipate future needs. And keep in mind that exceptional customer experiences not only make your business feel and sound like a billion-dollar company, they also build customer loyalty.

In today’s business climate, mid-market companies have a huge opportunity to combine the best of the personal feel of a smaller business with the expertise and power of larger organizations. An effective enterprise cloud strategy will ensure you’re using technology to help you appear just as large as the behemoths with which you compete, and ultimately change customer perception of your business.

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