With any communications investment, attention to detail is important. Thinking through what problem your company is trying to solve and fully understanding how to deploy a solution to get the most for your money can be a complicated undertaking.

In many circumstances, as a Mitel customer, you'll be working closely with a communications partner to implement your new Mitel system. Occasionally, however, your installation may include experts from the Mitel Professional Services team.

What are Mitel Professional Services, and how can they help me?

Mitel Professional Services are experts who help customers maximize their investment in Mitel communications systems. These services fall under three basic umbrellas, unified communications and collaboration, contact center, and cloud. The Professional Services team has a deep understanding of not only how Mitel systems operate, but also how they can be leveraged in a variety of industry and company-specific settings.

When would I need to engage Mitel Professional Services?

To get the most from a new technology, you need someone who understands how that technology affects your business, understands how your systems integrate, and how to leverage what you’ve already got to get the best bang for your buck. Complementing the strong knowledge base your partner brings to the table, the Professional Services team provides Mitel-specific implementation know-how from a global team of Mitel experts.

For example, say you’re working with a trusted local partner who supplies a Mitel solution your headquarters communications needs, but you’d like to extend that system to your remote offices. Your headquarters are served very well by the local partner, but your remote offices are outside your partner’s region of service. That’s where Mitel Professional Services come into play. With our network of Mitel experts, we can help the partner you know and trust to Project Manage, implement, and optimize the system you’ve purchased, while ensuring you have the local support you need.

Or, in another common scenario, perhaps your business is implementing a contact center-specific Mitel solution, and your team have some sophisticated capabilities they would like to introduce. Your trusted partner can connect you to Mitel’s Professional Services for Contact Center to help analyze your current system and identify specific, discrete initiatives to take your contact center to the next level.

How do I get the most out of Professional Services?

Whether you’re migrating to cloud communications, implementing a new contact center or getting the most out of your unified communications and collaboration tools, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your time with the experts.

1. Know the problem you're trying to solve

To fully benefit from your time with Professional Services, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve. You don’t necessarily need to know exactly how to solve that problem, because that’s what the Professional Services team is prepared for. But it helps to know where you’re trying to end up, rather than coming in without a plan.

2. Be flexible

Hand in hand with having a plan, being open to new ideas is important as well. As the Professional Services team are examining your system, and looking for ways to optimize your implementation, they may come across new ways of doing things that can save you time or money, or boost revenue. Keep an open mind when working with your experts: their knowledge in your vertical and solution capabilities is deep, and once they are evaluating your problem, they may come up with innovative ways to get more bang for your buck.

3. Communicate as much as possible

To effectively solve a problem, the Professional Services team needs to know as much about your system and intended use as possible. The more information you can provide to your experts, the more customized your solution can be tailored to your users’ needs. Communicate as much up front as you can. Last-minute changes to an intended system, while manageable, are rushed and can overlook key ways to make your system more useful.

4. Think about advanced training

Advanced technologies aren't much use if your team isn't clear how to use them. For newer technologies, or new versions of older ones, it can be important to consider more detailed training than what is included in a standard implementation. For advanced contact center capabilities, for example, advanced training can help your administrators solve problems more quickly, and understand their system much better.

5. Put integrations front and center

One of the key ways you can get the most from your Mitel solution is by integrating seamlessly with the programs and applications you’re already using. Rather than leaving your systems siloed and separated, and risk losing important information or duplicating effort, consider having a few Mitel experts look at ways to integrate your systems effectively. With Business Process Implementation, Mitel experts can help you integrate your communications system with your CRM or other important databases.

With any implementation, it's important to get the most bang for your buck. Mitel Professional Services can help provide an extra layer of expert help to ensure your Mitel solution is optimized.

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