How Can Large Enterprises be Agile Like Small Businesses?

Even with all of the advantages large enterprises have in business, inflexibility can hinder the company’s bottom line. But digital transformation is changing that, and large enterprises are in a better position than ever to take advantage of tools that help them be nimble.

In this video, we look at the transformation large enterprises have been going through in the digital age.

My name is Daryl Reva and I am the senior director of product marketing here at Mitel.

How do large enterprises choose communications tools?

When you take a look at enterprise applications today, the gatekeeper in that process is typically IT. Whether it's an IT manager or all the way up to the CIO, they want to work with applications or even vendors of those applications that are currently in their basket of technology today.

One of the biggest drawbacks of that is that it's not coming from the user perspective. So what we see a lot is an application that may not fit with the work style, the mobility needs or even the collaboration aspects of what your typical large enterprise employee might expect today.

What is driving companies to embrace new technology?

I think one of the key tipping points that we've seen obviously come to fruition over the last few years is the age of digital transformation. And that's really the ability to connect people, technology and information.

But more specifically, it's the ability to increase not only employee productivity, but the overall value chain as a product comes through an organization through to the end user. So it can have quite dramatic effects and I think the ability for companies to look back and say, “OK, exactly when did this start?” will have been going on for decades.

The most important aspect is if you are not allocating resources, if you are not putting somebody in charge of an overall digital transformation perspective and how to improve processes with technology today, you absolutely are going be gone by the wayside.

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How can large businesses gain the same speed and flexibility as small businesses?

I think what's really important for large businesses to understand is that in order to make the move to digital transformation, I think there's four key aspects that they really need to take into consideration.

1. Embrace a mobile workforce. It is of vital importance to understand that work is an activity not the location.

2. Foster team-based environments. So whether or not your employees are located at the same office or all around the globe, they have an opportunity to connect in the real time through communications and collaboration.

3. Promote and keep the customer experience top of mind. There are some great statistics around that. If you have a negative brand experience, it's going to take 12 additional touch points to turn that customer into a promoter once again.

4. Use real-time data to make analytical based decisions. At the end of the day, the value that these large organizations still have a responsibility to provide to their customers is staying practical is being relevant for years to come, keeping up with technology, keeping up with innovation, but most importantly ensuring that the voice of the customer is embedded in everything that they do.

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