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Graphic Design lays the foundation of your brand’s image. Starting with your company logo right through to advertising campaigns and company merchandise.

We have the right designers to ensure you have a great brand. We do custom designs to fit any of your needs and requirements, working with professional designers we can help to take your brand to the next level.

Design Services

Graphic Design that Inspires

Creative visual content to communicate your brand messages.

Logo & Branding

  • Logo Design
    • Templates are not a thing with Open V. We believe every business is different and therefore every logo should be custom design to fit your specific business.
  • Business Card Design
    • Each business card created by our designers is tailored for your business’s unique needs. Working with your logo and other design assets we provide professional and aesthetically pleasing business card designs.
  • Stationary Design
    • Customized stationery is a great and personal way to connect with your clients and prospects.
  • Label Design
    • Labels hold great power as they can establish how people feel about your product within the blink of an eye. We provide stunning label designs to ensure your customers are captivated at first glance.
  • Letterhead Design
    • Make an impression with every single document you create! Every letterhead is designed to re-enforce your message brand image in a positive light.
  • Name Card Design
    • Get stunning name cards that promote your message and brand.
  • Signage Design
    • Signage helps your business to be noticed by making a bold statement about your product or service. We create signage that builds your brand awareness.
  • Billboard Design
    • Get designs that inspire and grab your audience’s attention. Reach a wider range of people with our brand-centric billboard designs.
  • Car Wrap Design
    • Signage, decals, and complete car wraps. We do it all at Open V. Allow your brand to become more iconic and recognisable through marketing with branded cars.

Digital Media Design

  • Banners & Ad Designs
    • Get visually stunning designs to capture audiences’ attentions and bring the right message across in your marketing campaigns.
  • Icon Designs
    • Icons are an effective way to gain peoples attention when they browse your website and to keep your site visually interactive.
  • GIFS
    • GIF animations are becoming more popular with website design, creating a fun and visually interactive way to engage people on your website.

Print Design Services

  • Flyer Design
    • A flyer is a tangible representation of your brand – something customers can take away with them, refer back to, and use to get extra value. Open V also designs digital flyers, keeping up with modern times.
  • Brochure Design
    • With the endless expanse of online content, a custom printed brochure can act as a focal point of your business and provide a go-to resource for your customers.
  • Poster Design
    • Posters can be used to steer potential customers to an event or to make them aware of a sale or service that a business may have on offer.

Graphic Design Services

  • T-shirt Design
    • Custom, branded t-shirts can be a great tool for marketing and promoting team spirit and company culture.
  • Packaging Design
    • Quality packaging is a crucial part of the whole sales process. From capturing initial interest to displaying key attributes and highlighting directions for correct usage, packaging design has to be attractive but also effective.
    • Merch Design
      • Calendars, Mugs, Mascots, Stationary and much more… Open V can design any merch for your company to promote your brand awareness.

Product & Merchandise Design Services

  • Graphic Design
    • Graphic designs are superb for engaging your customers in a clear and creative way and can highlight your key messages in a simple and effective way.
  • Powerpoint Design
    • Need a visually stunning presentation? Yes, Open V can design that too.
  • Vector Design
    • Vectors are the new standard in web design, being completely responsive your web site won’t only look stunning with our vector image designs, but it’s performance will also be great.
  • 3D Design
    • 3D design gives you the opportunity to present your products in a completely new perspective that will capture the imagination.
  • Photoshop Design
    • With photo-shop our designers have a range of tools to edit your images, ensuring they are customised for your business and marketing material.
  • Infographic Design
    • Infographics have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to deliver a message. Our brand-centric infographic designs will ensure your audiences receive the right message.

Open V works alongside professional designers to ensure that the designs you get are always of the highest quality, brand-focused and deliver stunning visual appeal. We engage with you face to face to determine exactly what it is your business needs, so that we can design items that will ensure the best representation of your brand.

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