Everything You Need to Know about 2017 IT Salaries

It’s that time of year. Budgets. Planning. Expanding. Hiring. Whether you’re looking to hire some new IT professionals or looking for a new IT job yourself, these resources from many of the authorities on IT salaries will give you a great foundation to start.

2017 Technology & IT Salary Guide from Robert Half

It covers

  • Salary data for more than 75 IT jobs
  • Current hiring trends
  • The hottest technology jobs and specialty areas
  • The skills now in demand

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In this infographic, Robert Half tells us which IT jobs are the ones to watch in 2017:

jobstowatch nam eng | Business Communications | Business IT Port Elizabeth

Which technology specialties will see the highest salary growth in 2017?

salarygrowth nam eng | Business Communications | Business IT Port Elizabeth

In the last piece from Robert Half, they cover major trends affecting IT hiring and pay:

trends nam eng | Business Communications | Business IT Port Elizabeth

IT Salaries: Eight Cold Hard Facts by InformationWeek

InformationWeek has broken down eight key trends from their 2017 compensation survey. Great for people who want some quick, broad insights.

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The 10 U.S. Cities with the Highest IT Salaries by InfoWorld

Thinking about a move to a whole new city to bolster that salary? Infoworld’s article dives into where IT salaries are highest and where they’re trending up.

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IT Salaries Increase Across 12 Tech Job Categories

What categories of IT jobs are seeing the biggest bump in the wallet? CIO’s report has not only the “which ones” but a little on the “why” behind each.

Check out the post >

Average Salary for the Information Technology (IT) Services Industry by Payscale

Payscale lets you slice and dice IT salary information in a dynamic digital format by a host of factors, including:

  • Job title
  • Years of experience
  • Employer
  • Location
  • Company size
  • And more

View the research >

IT Salary Watch by Computerworld

Looking for historical info to help inform your salary ranges? This set of reports by Computer world gives you a historical view by year going back to 2012, so you can see trends over time as well as the latest data.

See the reports >

Average Salary Ranges for IT by Salary.com

Have an incredibly specific job title and experience level you want to see IT salaries for? The folks at salary.com list salaries by job title—and they have what might be the most exhaustive and granular list of titles out there.

Visit the site >

The 10 Best Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking by The Week

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to find an IT job with the salary you’re looking for, here’s a little extra info to help you land that job.

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Careers at Mitel

Of course, if you’re interested in a career at Mitel, you can check out our careers page, which includes a lot more than IT jobs.

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