Don’t Call it a Call Center (Video)

In this video blog, Mitel’s General Manager for Contact Center Brian Spencer explains why we need to stop talking about call centers or contact centers and start looking at the bigger picture: building a customer-driven, best practice-focused center of excellence called the customer experience center.

Video transcript:

Contact centers. It’s a term our industry has been using for a very long time. It’s the place where you see loads of people in cubicles, working on their computers, probably with headsets on, presumably taking and making calls to customers. And they’re disparate throughout the organization. Well, that’s the way that the world used to work. Let me talk about the way the world needs to work.

The customer experience center.

Businesses have myriad touchpoints through which they reach out to or are reached by customers. Creating a center of excellence that will drive best practices, the right social acumen, the ability to communicate effectively, with empathy, with emotion, the ability to drive the processes that build loyalty and foster a long-term, healthy relationship between an organization and its customers – that’s the way of the future, and the technology is ready now.

So let’s stop talking about call centers or contact centers, and let’s start talking about the customer experience center, the place in which we create real engagement and where loyalty is fostered.

What does this mean for your business? It means creating a center of excellence, a place where people know exactly how they’re supposed to act with the customer, they advocate for the customer, they learn from the customer. They use the technologies that support the communication paths that the customer wants to use today.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the mobile consumer because, the reality is, we’re all mobile. We all start from our mobile device. We reach into a mobile app, we reach into a mobile website and, when we can’t get the service we need completed, we want to interact with a human. It may be through text messaging, a messaging app, a voice call, video chat or other technology platforms that we haven’t even thought of today. But all of it comes down to a touchpoint between your business, the people within your business and your customer.

So, having a best practice center of excellence focused on engaging with people to drive customer outcomes – that’s the way of the future that will foster loyalty, help grow business revenue and help maintain a positive working relationship. That’s what we’re focused on here at Mitel.

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