Choosing the Right Network Performance Tool Part 3: Best Practices

This is part 3 of our series, Choosing the Right Network Performance Tool. To learn more about managing the performance of your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) network, view our previous posts, Choosing the Right Network Performance Tool: Part 1 and Part 2.

Managing the performance of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) networks is increasingly a business "must have,"1 and the path to achieving stellar network performance is end-to-end network visibility. That means that monitoring the IT infrastructure alone is not enough – your UCC network performance depends on vendor-specific troubleshooting, testing and analytics tools. Here we will look at how to monitor your entire Mitel UCC network infrastructure, without maintaining multiple dashboards.

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In most IT organizations, the appeal of the “all-in-one” approach is the efficiency of end-to-end monitoring from a single dashboard. How can you take advantage of Mitel’s specialized UCC management tool, without running multiple dashboards? Users of Mitel Performance Analytics have typically taken one of the following approaches:

Integrate Mitel Performance Analytics with an SNMP-Based Network Monitoring Tool

Often, particularly when voice and IT teams are merged, a trusted monitoring system may already be in place. In this case, Mitel Performance Analytics can integrate with UCC network monitoring tools relatively easily. Voice quality alarms can then be displayed and passed through to the other platform’s dashboard. While you won’t see the detailed voice quality gadgets, graphs and reports that Mitel Performance Analytics offers, you’ll be alerted when a voice quality problem is developing, and can open the Mitel Performance Analytics dashboard for more information and access to troubleshooting tools.

Mitel Performance Analytics for Complete Network Performance Monitoring

You may be surprised to learn that while Mitel Performance Analytics specializes in Mitel voice quality, it also monitors the performance and availability of the third-party devices in the IT infrastructure. That means that you can achieve full end-to-end network performance monitoring with one tool. This approach can be the most cost-effective for some customers: Mitel Performance Analytics is part of Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription, which also includes 24/7 access to Mitel Support, and software updates.

An “all-in-one” approach to Mitel network performance can work, if your toolset includes monitoring of the Mitel solutions on your network. Understanding available tools and how they can work together will help you make the best decision for your organization’s VoIP network.

1 Why UC management is a business must-have.

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